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What Is The Reason Why The Wire Stripping Machine Does Not Drop The Blade?

2023-02-21 09:46:10 美工

What are the specific reasons for the fact that the wire stripping machine does not drop the blade after it is started?

1. Circuit reason. Circuit failure, whether it is a failure of the starting part or a failure of the blade control part of the wire stripping machine, will cause the wire stripping machine to not drop the blade. Of course, the visitor's inquiry is that the knife does not drop, indicating that the machine has started, so it should be the circuit electrical appliance of the blade part Partial failure.

2. The reason of the motor. The lifting and falling of the blade is controlled by the motor, so if there is a problem with the motor, the blade will not move.

3. The reason for the drive. If there is a motor, there will naturally be a drive, and of course there is a belt drive, so the drive and the belt are also factors that affect the wire stripping machine.

4. The reason for the sensor. After setting the length, the wire stripper needs to sense the condition of the wire harness according to the sensor. When there is a problem with the sensor, the wire stripper will not drop the blade.

5. The reason for the blade frame. The blade frame is the supporting structure of the blade, and sometimes it moves together with the rise and fall of the blade. When the blade frame is stuck, the blade of the wire stripping machine will not fall.

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